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What is Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC)?

When dental procedures are more invasive, or patients are more fragile, it may be best for practitioners to include an Anesthesiologist to monitor the patient’s well-being during the surgery. With MAC, a licensed Anesthesiologist specifically focuses on monitoring and is able to immediately respond to support the patient at any given time during and after the procedure. While MAC may include the administration of sedatives often used for Mild or Moderate Sedation, the qualified anesthesia provider of MAC is focused exclusively and continuously on the patient for any attendant airway, hemodynamic and physiologic derangements.

IV sedation

Oral Sedation vs. IV Sedation: What Is the Better Option for My Practice?

Here at Aspire Anesthesia, we offer both oral and IV sedation to support our patients.

Which is preferred? IV sedation is commonly a more preferred method because deeper levels of sedation can be achieved in a very predictable, fast and safe manner.

Oral Sedation

Oral Sedation refers to the use of sedative drugs that are taken in the form of pills.



IV Sedation

Rather than receiving the medication in the form of an oral pill, with IV sedation, medications are administered directly into the vein. To facilitate this, the doctor places an IV catheter at the start of the procedure. Medications are then given through the IV port painlessly. It brings the patient to a semi-conscious state.

Most dentists cannot perform IV sedation because there is lots of additional training necessary due to the increased complexity of anesthesia care. It is also necessary for the dentist to have an additional license for IV sedation in addition to a license to be a dentist. All this is a good thing because anesthesiology should be taken very seriously because your safety is at risk if is in the wrong hand.



Remember, our goal is to make staying ahead on your patient’s dental health safe, and also to provide as comfortable of an experience as possible. Give us a call and together we can discuss which sedation option best suits your dental practice needs.

A Higher Focus Results in Your Highest Quality Work

Dr. Konstantina Giesberg has spent her education, training, and experience specialized in dentistry. Typically, procedures last around 4 hours and common surgeries include upper and lower arch restorations using full mouth dental implants. As a competent professional, she values the partnerships with dental specialists and the trusted relationships she builds with patients. Working as a cohesive team among oral surgeons, full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth dental implant results happen with increased efficiency. Dr. Giesberg also works with general dentists on full mouth restorations or advanced cases that are 4-6 hours in length. Additionally, with careful training and close monitoring, Dr. Giesberg works with pediatric dentists to administer general anesthesia to adolescents.

Bringing Advanced Anesthesia To-Go

We bring the utmost safety and hospital-quality anesthetic to you to achieve ideal operative conditions. This will maximize the comfort and convenience of patients and professionals. Procedures are completed in the comfort and familiarity of your practice. Often, oral surgeons have challenges monitoring deep sedation while also performing the service precisely. With well-monitored, deep sedation techniques, patients will experience less movement and less coughing. We are committed to making specialized care easier to deliver for all dental practitioners.
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