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Our Process and FAQ

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Our Process

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Our team works to make the process of providing in-office dental and maxillofacial anesthesia simple and efficient. We are happy to arrange a meet-and-greet with one of our dentist anesthesiologist specialist. We look forward to the opportunity to coordinate safe, compassionate, and comfortable care for your patients and foster a collaborative professional relationship moving into the future.

Our number one priority is patient safety. Aspire Anesthesia provides all the necessary equipment, medications, physiologic monitoring systems and immediately available emergency devices to ensure an unsurpassed margin of safety. We adhere to and exceed all regulatory requirements, thus transforming the dental operatory into a hospital quality surgery center while having a minimal footprint and preserving the natural function of the dental office.

Our objective is to foster a controlled and peaceful environment so the operating dentist can achieve the treatment goals for patients that are comfortable and physiologically stable. Each anesthetic, whether it be a nasally intubated general anesthetic or an IV sedation, is tailored to the patient’s specific needs, medical history, and treatment goals.

The process of scheduling anesthesia services starts by determining if the patient is a good candidate for an outpatient anesthetic. An anesthesia provider will evaluate the patient’s health history, ASA classification, body habitus, airway status, functional capacity and may request additional information such as a H&P, lab tests, ECG, imaging studies, or cardiology reports in order to make this determination.

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